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Aug 8-17, 2017
DCRA F-Class 2017
World Championships

Connaught Ranges, Ottawa, ON
Aug 18-20, 2017
Canadian Black Powder
Rifle Championships
Connaught Ranges, Ottawa, ON
Aug 18-26, 2017
Canadian Fullbore Rifle Championships
Connaught Ranges, Ottawa, ON
Aug 25-Sep 1, 2017
National Service Conditions Championships
Connaught Ranges, Ottawa, ON
Sep 4-16, 2017
Canadian Armed Forces
Small Arms Concentration
Connaught Ranges, Ottawa, ON
Aug 15-26, 2018
Special 150th Canadian
Fullbore Championships and
F Class Rifle Championships
Connaught Ranges, Ottawa, ON

International Teams

The DCRA International Teams Sub-Committee has presented to the Executive Committee a revised statement of policies and priorities regarding International Teams. Following considerable discussion, prior to and at the Executive Meeting in April and by a further mail ballot in May 2009, the Executive Committee approved the statement as a general framework of DCRA policy regarding Canadian International Teams. This policy is now in effect, with Executive Committee approval required for funding allocations.At its meeting on 3rd April 2016, the Executive Committee directed the International Teams Committee to undertake a further review of our policies and priorities for International Teams. This review is currently under way. All DCRA members are cordially invited to make their views known on this subject. Please write to the Office, office@dcra.ca,  attention  Chairman of International Teams.

Notices from the Chairman of the International Teams Committee

  • Travelling to Canada for a competition? Info here. *NEW*
  • Do you need a visa to enter Canada? Check here. *NEW*
  • Changes to the Gerry Ouellette Prize
  • Policy on DCRA issuing of UK Rifle Permits for Goodwill Teams
  • Canadian Bisley Teams Procedures for Team Selection - updated Feb 2014

  • Announcements:


    Invitation to participate

    2018 New Zealand Championship & Mini International Match
    26 January to 4 February 2018. Click here


    Guyana NRA

    150th Anniversary/WIFBSC 2017 Championships
    and upgrading and refurbishing of Timehri Rifle Ranges. Click here


    Selection Trials for 2017 and 2018 Commonwealth Games


    The Final Stage of the Selection Trial will be fired on Saturday 19th August 2017, with a rain-delay contingency of Sunday morning 20th August. All those involved are being contacted individually.

    Commonwealth Games information:

    The Match Conditions for the Queens Prize Events at the Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth Shooting Federation Championships have been updated to take into account the decisions reached by the meetings of Commonwealth Nations in 2013 and 2014.  These Match Conditions will apply to the 2017 CSFC and the 2018 Games in Gold Coast, Australia, and have been approved by both CSF(FB) Committee and CSF (Exec) as is required.

    The updated Match Conditions are to be found at, and may be downloaded from, http://icfra.co.uk/page19.htm


2017 F-Class World Championships:

The Dominion of Canada Rifle Association is pleased to announce the Development Team for the 2017 F-Class World Championships. Click Here.

For further information about the F-Class team please contact Eric Bisson at fcwc2017captain@gmail.com


Notice: 2019 WLRC (Palma) New Zealand

General appeal from the team captain Fazal Mohideen. Click here.


Elections for and appointments of Team Officers:

  • DCRA Canadian Bisley Team 2017

  • Commandant: Roger Mullin
    Adjutant: David Adams

  • DCRA Canadian Bisley Team 2018

  • Commandant: David Adams
    Adjutant: Peter Dobell

  • The DCRA Executive Committee has approved the formation of a Goodwill TR Team to attend the 150th Anniversary Matches in Guyana in October 2017, under the leadership of Tom Maynard and Paul Archer. To apply for this team, or to seek further information, please request through the DCRA Office office@dcra.ca
  • ICFRA World Long Range Championships, New Zealand, January 2019  The DCRA Executive Committee has approved the appointment of Fazal Mohideen as Captain of the Canadian Palma Team and overall organiser of the tour to New Zealand. Kathy Corcoran has been appointed as adjutant of the team. Fazal or Kathy may be contacted directly or through the DCRA Office office@dcra.ca. Serge Bissonnette and Cheryl Hearn have been appointed as Captains on the Veterans and Under 25 Teams respectively. 2019 Bisley Team Officers.
  • DCRA Canadian Bisley Team 2019
    Commandant: Mr. Paul Reibin
    Adjutant: MGen (Ret'd) Ed Fitch
  • F-Class World Championships, South Africa, 2021
    Captain: Mr. Scott Bissett




At the DCRA Council Meeting on 2nd April 2017, the following appointments were made:

Canada Match: Gale Stewart

Commonwealth Match: Fazal Mohideen

Under 25 Matches: Emma McGinnis

Seniors Matches: Serge Bissonnette

F-Class Matches: Eric Bisson



    American shooting in Canada?

    Click here and here

    Further information on this: For those of our American friends who hunt or attend rifle matches in Canada, the recently announced US rules for departing the US with a rifle have been rescinded.
    WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator John Hoeven, chairman of the Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Committee, on (23 April 2015) announced that the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will no longer require U.S hunters travelling internationally to obtain an IRS identification number in order to bring personal weapons on hunting trips outside the U.S. At a meeting with U.S. CBP Commissioner R. Gil Kerlikowske, Hoeven secured a commitment from the agency to return to the paper process used by international hunters for years, while updates are made to the automated reporting system for exporting weapons. Kerlikowske said the agency’s web site would be updated.